Writing a Book During Your Commute

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Writing a book sounds like a daunting task.  Mostly, because it is. Anytime you sit down at the keyboard it can be quite intimidating.


To write a book takes a lot of forth thought and a bit of writing skills.


For writing a Non-Fiction book, we recommend taking Malcolm Gladwell's Master Class at masterclass.com, and for writing other genres, there are other Master Classes to pair with your writing.


So to give you a glimpse of what this may look like. You watch a Master Class on Sunday morning while having a nice cup of coffee, then you sit down and think about your book idea, while planning out a few ideas to write about on Monday, and the rest of the days of the week.


Sure, easier said than done, but you have to start some where. And many people never, ever start.


Writing 500 words a day for 110 days gets you a 200 page book or 55,000 words, which is the minimum for a fiction book.


Sources: Fiction Author T Glen Coughlin

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