The Perfect Bike/Commuter Bag for Working Out Before or After Work

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Finding the right back pack for going to work and the gym while also being a biking commuter can be tough. We've broken down the field of biking commuter equipment and back packs, and have selected our top picks for biking commuter who need to store their gym gear and work stuff.



Osprey Momentum 32 Liter Daypack provides the all-around best versatility for active commuters. Although bulky, it gives all the options for storing shoes, lunch, a laptop, and extra clothes.


Space for your shoes in a separate compartment than your clothes.


Separate laptop region with extra padding for bumpy rides and plenty of on-the-go movement.


This bag is smaller than the one above. It's got great features with a collapsable front pocket for cycling shoes, or other types of shoes. Again the bag is not as big as the 32L above, but the more compact features may be what you are looking for.


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