Beginner’s Guide and 10 Essential Items to Bike to Work


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From our staff biking reviewer - Tom

I recently moved farther away from the train station, where I take a train into the city. As such, my 3 minute walk to the train station became a 30 minute walk. After a week of walking before and after work I decided to start biking to work. After getting my road bike out of storage, I bought a helmet, and then started on my way. Given that the streets in my city are very busy during commuting hours, I realized there were other items I needed. I learned quickly I needed more visibility of myself and of me to be seen.

I began to only trust myself as a biker and importantly obeyed the rules of the road, staying off the tight side walks. Similarly, with the cars in my city, there are a lot more rolling stops at traffic lights, so I always take caution to wait for full stops.

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