Best Noise Canceling Headphones for Your Workday and Commute

Having a quiet commute, where you can listen to your favorite podcast or get ahead on specific emails is a great way to start the day!

There used to be only a few noise cancellation headphones worth mentioning. n Noise cancellation technology is getting more advanced, and there are continuous refinements in speaker technology, and increases in the number of simple features. Shopping for headphones can be inundating.

We've scoured the internet reviewing headphones by Sony, Bose, Plantronics, Seinhesser, JBL, Philips, Parrot, Samsung, and Beats.

Here are our top picks.

Bose Quality Control 35 - see it (last price $349)

For the Business Professional.

Our Awards: Top-of-market active NC, clear sound, Best on planes, great-app, comfort

Environments: Plane, Bus, Office, Coffeeshops, subway, train

As far as commuting/traveling. The Bose QualityControl (QC) 35 headphones are the best noise-canceling on the market. For traveling and commuting in quiet in all settings (bus, train, plane, or subway) these headphones are the high quality. The noise cancellation gets away that hum of other conversations and droning sound of air conditioning that are there in a noisy office space or busy coffeeshop.

Noise cancellation (NC). Bose is an early pioneer in NC technology, so we can really trust their tech as they've been working on NC since 1986 (when they introduced it for airline pilots). The tech which has only gotten more effective by actively adjusting in real-time, creating a consistent NC. The "Active" NC works by creating opposing sound waves to cancel out the unwanted sounds waves of the outside, leading to whisper-quiet, they boast.

Comfort. They've also got the best tested soft padding for over-ear comfort, and a relaxed, snug fit that does not create unwanted pressure on your ears (as some headphones due, like Beats).

Cool Features. An additional feature that we like with the Bose QC 35 is the Bose Connect phone app, which allows for easy access to changing your settings particularly while commuting. We like this for changing the noise cancellation and other settings in an easy fashion. They've also got an "Action" button for voice assistance

Yeah, they've got other tech specs. 20 hours battery life, pretty clear calls in windy or noisy environments, , and fullness and clarity of music with a balanced audio sound.

Sony MDR 1000x - see it (last price $348)

For the On-The-Go Business Leader

Our Awards: Versatile with features, clear sound, good-quality NC

Environments: Plane, Bus, Office, Coffeeshops, Subway, Train, On-the-Go environments

For commuting/work/traveling. Second in their noise cancellation to the Bose QC 35, the Sony MDR 1000x are the best overall headphone for commuting and most versatile. The reason they are the best overall is because although their NC tech is not up to par with the Bose, they still have "top" features to make them great to use on a commute to during your workout, or at your desk. They are comfortable, have great sound, and also have many features to have buttons to pick up calls and actively listen to the surroundings by touching your ear.

Comfort. The headphones are very comfortable and have a great fit and feel over the ear that doesn't cause pain in your ear.

Sound Quality. What they lack in NC tech compared to Bose, they make up in sound quality. Sony MDR 1000x have pristine sound quality, with dynamic range that gives them good clarity to distinguish low and high frequencies.

Special Features. By simply placing one hand over the housing you can instantly decrease the music volume to engage in conversation. This is a great feature in any setting (train, coffeeshop, work desk, etc.). It allows you to be present for a conversation without taking off your headphones. The headphones also have an ambient sound mode, where you can listen to music without distraction while still catching important announcements. This is ideal for commuting on subways, trains, or buses and waiting to board in an airport terminal.

Other Tech Specs. 20 hours battery life.

Tech Specifications:adaptive noise cancellation, sound quality, comfort, active voice control, microphone quality, battery life, weight
Key Commuting Specifications: great noise-cancellation for all environments, compact-ness, easy access controls, versatile, clarity of sound, quality sound


  • Bose QC 35
  • Sony MDR 1000x
  • Plantronics Back Beat Pro 2
  • Seinhesser PXC 550
  • JBL Everest Elite 700
  • Philips Wireless Noise Canceling
  • Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
  • Parrot Zik 3
  • Samsung Level On Wireless PRO Headphones

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We know you need awesome technology for your commute and workday. Having the best technology most well-suited and tailored to your life is important to having a stress-free day so you can be at peace and productive, allowing you make strides in your personal life and career. We hope to continue to deliver you content that is helpful to your daily life as we know how busy it can be. Thanks!

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