Best Portable Power Bank Charger For Your Commute


Evaluation criteria

Having your phone or wireless earbuds go dead during a commute can really put you in a jam. We've all been stuck without contact and missed an important call this way.

Reviewed based on cost, reliability, repeatable charge capacity, speed of charge, number of outlets, and weight. The clear winner was RavPower with 3 outlets, speed, and reliability.


We like two brands, Anker and RAVPower, for their reliability and main-stay in the market for portable charging.

Two things to consider when buying are: how much charge do you need, and weight.

powerbank rave

RAVPower 26800 mAh

This RAVpower bank has 3 outlets, and can charge a single iPhone 5 to 6 times. Great cost and reliability. We recommend this charger for your one off purchase of a power bank.


Anker PowerCore 10000

This Anker power bank is lightweight, and can charge a single iPhone 3 times. Great speed, with a single outlet and lightweight convenience.



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