Packing Cubes Provide Simplicity for Commuting Gym-Goers

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Going to the gym on the way to or from work can be a hassle. For those of us that do it know, and for those contemplating it, it can take a little bit of planning. There are the gym clothes laid out the night before and the gym shoes ready to go by the door.


And if you’re showering there, the list gets a little longer. Am I right? Yeah, you know. There’s the brush, razor, towel, shower shoes, change of clothes, and soap if you’re gym doesn’t have it. Let’s face it. There’s a lot to it.


Then, there’s the decision of if you need a paid locker so you can store stuff at the gym. Now, sure it’s a routine that takes time to build. I’m always fine-tuning my gym routine.


Eagle Creek's wet/dry packing cube is a great way to update your gym going routine. This packing cube gives versatility. One side of the packing cube zippers and offers a breathable mesh for clean clothes, and one side offers a sealed plastic for wet clothes to keep things separate. Overall, we found that this packing cube specifically is good for the gym and offers a good solution, to an otherwise previously unaddressed need.

Osprey garment folder is a great and easy solution for storing your suit and dress clothes. It measures 13 x 5 x 9 inches to fit easily into back packs. It's a great way to store your suit jacket and pants on the way to and from work.

Best Ways to carry a Suit in a built-in Carry Case

This garment bag receives the "Best Solution" Award for commuting and stopping at the gym. The straps and buckles distributes the weight across your shoulders and waist. The style is secure and comfortable and provides a great solution to going to the gym, or for weekenders and travel-on bags.

OZUKO Gym Bag Backpack with Suit and Shoes Compartment

The Ozuko bag is Runner-Up because it provides a solution to keeping your gym clothes, work supplies and suit, with durability and all the flexibility as the Baglane version. It loses out on the cross-chest straps and waist straps, but if these are not important it makes up for these in versatility for carrying as a messenger bag.

Carry-on Garment and Content Duffel Bag

We like this one for the solution for giving you a clean and sleek design that you can carry to work without looking like you're going on a weekend vacation. The design is tight and lightweight when unloaded, giving your shoulders a break and still providing versatility for going from a Monday work trip to a Friday and weekend trip.

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