8 Great Audiobooks for 2020 – Suggestions from Fiction Author and NYC Commuter, T Glen Coughlin

These audio books were selected by author, T Glen Coughlin, who commuted into and out of NYC for 18 years, averaging 15 to 20 audio books a year. First, speaking about this list, he says, "these are great books." Second, he says, he picked these books specifically because they are great audio books. T Glen says that what makes a great audiobook is the story teller. "Yeah, the storyteller, and their voice, and their ability to convey the story in a suspenseful tone, while also throwing in some subtle differences in the voices of the characters... well that's what makes a good book into a book you must listen to as an audiobook. A great audiobook."

T. Glen Coughlin is a 3 time published fiction author, of the works, One Shot Away, Hero Of New York, and Steady Eddie. More details can be found on his wikipedia page here:


The Goldfinch (check price on Amazon)

All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel (check price on Amazon)

All Grown Up (check price on Amazon)

The Nightingale (check price on Amazon)

The Risen: A Novel (check price on Amazon)

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth: A Novel (check price on Amazon)

I am Brian Wilson: A Memoir (check price on Amazon)

Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life (check price on Amazon)

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3 thoughts on “8 Great Audiobooks for 2020 – Suggestions from Fiction Author and NYC Commuter, T Glen Coughlin”

  1. I have already listened to three of the novels. Enjoyed them. So far my fav is The Goldfinch. Pls keep this up. Also, I wouldn’t mind favorite books to read.

    Thanks, Francis

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