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Best Audiobooks for 2020 By Author T Glen Coughlin

See the recommendations from fiction author - “Yeah, the storyteller, and their voice, and their ability to convey the story in a suspenseful tone"..."well that’s what makes a good book into a book you must listen to as an audiobook.”


Fall 2019 Audiobook Recommendations

Time to get some new audiobooks queued up for the fall and winter months. What better way than with pre-listened to audiobooks that will captivate your imagination and have great storytellers.

Setup an Audible Audiobook Subscription

The days of going to the library for books on tape are over. Amazon's Audible is an easy way to get access to books and their subscription plan is very convenient and affordable.


Glen commuted into NYC for 18 years from NJ by car. He says if he didn't like an audiobook within the first 30 minutes, "Yeah, I'd turn it off an go to the next one. Life is too short. I only recommend audiobooks that passed my test and captivated my imagination."

See his books below.