Interview with Mother Commuting to Work with Baby

Jackie is a Nurse and New Mother. Here's how her Commute Has Changed with her newest addition.

She’s holding her 3-month old son while her 2-year old airplanes his cut-up bananas into his mouth. For the moment, the grandparents keep an eye on things while she waits for my first question.


Has your commute changed since having kids?


She smiles and raises her eyebrows. “Changed?” she says incredulously. A twinkle of pride flashes in her eyes that I can only describe as something a new mother can understand.


“Oh yeah, a lot has changed. It’s distracting having a 2-year-old in the backseat yelling go faster, go faster,” she says while laughing. “Not to mention getting milk and Cheerios thrown at me.”


“Before these guys? I’d commute to the hospital and have tea and listen to my favorite talk radio show.”


Now that your 2-year old is talking, have things changed?


“Oh yeah, it’s non-stop Mommy-son time. We count trucks and school buses on the way. Usually, we don’t listen to music. We’re more just chilling and chatting.”


There’s a yell from the baby in her arms and we take a break. Then, a banana comes sailing through the air, and just like that the interview is nearing its end.


One last question. How did you know what to buy for the car?


“Oh, we did our research like, crazy. We talked to everyone. And got these things.”


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