3 Great Heated and Massage Seats for Your Car Commute


NO BRAINER! COMFORTS OF YOUR HOME TO YOUR CAR! Just starting out on car commuting. Besides just sitting and listening to talk radio, there are a number of little improvements you can make that will amount to majorly better car commuting experience.

Why You should become a podcast Addict

Podcasts are anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes in length. You can listen to part in the morning and the end in the evening. Or it can be all at once. Regardless, podcasts give you the ability to learn something you want to learn. In this way, the commute becomes your time. This is essential for a better commute.

See our favorite podcasts here.

Audiobooks are great for +20 min commutes

Audiobooks are a great place to escape your commute. On a good book you may even find yourself sitting in your driveway waiting for an end of a chapter.
We have a whole section dedicated to audiobooks.

Trick out your interior ride, oh yeah

OH MY GAWD, ARE THESE SEATS HEATED? YEAH, ONLY THE BEST! Get some heated seats for your car or spring for heated and massaging seats. CHICKS DIG HEATED SEATS.


Best Overall Heated Seat

Heated Seat By Kingleton

Feel the heat in 1 minute with these safe and reliable over-the-seat heated cushions.


Best Overall Heated and Massage Chair


If your car does not have heated seats, this heated seat is the Best Overall Value for improving your car ride. This seat cushion has 10 areas of massage and fits neatly on a seat. Includes both a car adapter and AC adapter, with a 3 year warranty. The Shiatsu massage pads have 3 speeds and 4 massage programs!

Need some Lower Back comfort?

We've got your ass covered. Not only does this seat cushion help against numbness, it fights off sciatica and back pain. The ridges and moldable surface changes the distribution of weight on your butt and provides more support where you need it.



Have any pain-in-the-butts? The purple Simply Seat Cushion for the car or office chair can help in relieving back pain & sciatica pain. Easy comfort for the car or desk, and easily a huge life saver.

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