Why You Should Work Out on The Way to Work



Yeah, we get it. It's hard. Waking up in the morning and getting a workout in is a serious challenge. There are the "I can't" words in your head, just echoing around as you lay in bed. The snooze button is right there. And a lot of New Years resolutions fail after a few short weeks. So why should you listen to us?




Look, working out in the morning is a tough routine to get into. But there are so many good things that come out of it - increased dopamine, decreased cortisol, conquering your first challenge of the day, and mental clarity.




Imagine, getting to work and instead of slumping in your chair, yawning and opening turning on your computer, you sit down and lean in and start the most challenging project you have? Sure, that sounds idealistic, but trust us, getting a workout in the morning makes all the difference. It all starts with a routine.

Don't think big, think small


A workout routine doesn't start with looking in the mirror.


It starts with knowing why it's good for you. It starts with believing that you are worth it and where you're going whether you know it now or not is a better place. It starts with a certainty that you're important and in 10 years having good strong legs is going to help you carry that ladder for your Dad, or pick up that box for your partner, or put a kid on your shoulders!



Best way to get started is to remove all resistance to getting out the door the night before. Set out your clothes, set up a snack to grab headed out the door, and put your shoes by the door.


1. Set out your workout clothes the night before. 


2. Set out a glass of water to drink the night before.


3. Have a snack as you are headed out the door. 


4. Make your lunch the night before.


5.  If you live far from the gym bring your clothes with you to shower. 

Some of the Best Gym Gear to Get you Started

Have dress clothes? Ways to keep organized


This garment bag holder is nice because it has a hook on it that can go in a car and a gym locker, making it really ideal for bringing your dress clothes to the gym.

Eagle Creek is a trusted brand for high-quality travel gear. This Garment Holder they make is a clean design and functional option for carrying dress clothes to the gym!

Group always outperforms the individual!


Partner up with a friend or loved one


If you're really overwhelmed by starting this new routine. Take a deep breath. Tell a friend you are doing it and build the accountability that way. It's really helpful to tell a friend who works out why you are doing this in the first place!