4 Essentials Items to Work Out Before or After Work

BY: TOM (commuting from greater NYC into Manhattan)

Starting to work out before work? There's loads to consider. And let's face it, routines are tough to start! We're here to help!

Packing your work clothes in your gym bag can be a time-consuming  and tricky situation. For about a week during my commute, I wore my workout clothes to the gym and carried my dress clothes and shoes in a hanger and bag, respectively, that I put into my locker. This was alright, but the trip with the clothes like this was effected by the weather. Rain and snow were factors and I had to change this. I searched  around for some organizers for packing and found these cubes. People mostly use these on their vacation or work travel in suitcases, but I have found they really help on the commute.

Packing Cube w Clean & Dirty Sides

This packing cube is great for your morning commute. I cannot recommend this enough. It helps keep the shape of dress shirts and then when you finished working out it has a dirty side to use for your gym clothes. Definitely better than plastic bags, which don't keep the shape of dress shirts and pants.

Eagle Creek single packing cube has a clean and dirty side to separate out your clothes before and after workout and keep your other items from getting wet. (~$23)

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Luggage Pack-it Clean Dirty Cube, Black (check price on Amazon)

Toiletry Bags

You need to buy a toiletry bag to get setup for your morning commute. It's essential. We really like the Herschel toiletry bag, but if you want a leather one than the Alpine Swiss bag is a solid one at a good price.

My favorite toiletry bag. Room for your brush, hair products, shaving kit, toothbrush (if you so desire), scissors, etc. (~24.99)

Herschel Toiletry Bag, Navy/Red (check price on Amazon)

This is a great leather bag for a good price.

Alpine Swiss Sedona Toiletry Bag Genuine Leather Shaving Kit Dopp Kit Travel Case Black (check price on Amazon)

Shoe Shape Holders

If you're changing into your dress shoes after the gym, then you'll want to buy shoe shape holders to prevent your dress shoes from getting crimped or developing unwanted folds/creases. I bought these and liked having the extra 2 pairs and choose them because they were lightweight, an important feature for my biking commute.

Great buy for 3 pairs of these.

WISHAVE Practical Plastic Adjustable Length Men Shoe Tree Stretcher Boot Holder Shape Support (6) (~$12)

The Lock

This is quite obvious, but the best lock should be one that is really easy to use. I love this one because it's a set of four numbers - padlock, not the combination lock like in high school. This is easier to remember, and should serve me for longer.

Great lock for the gym go-er and fits securely on the toiletry bag.

Master Lock 175D Set Your Own Combination Padlock, 1 Pack, Brass Finish (check price on Amazon)

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