Best Home Standing Desks and Standing Desk Converters

Yeah, working from home has some perks!

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There's the ability to throw in a load of laundry at lunch and have it all finished by the end of the day, and there's the proximity to all your home essentials. And on the downside, THERE'S THE PROXIMITY TO ALL YOUR HOME ESSENTIALS!


We get it, it's not easy to just be that near to all your daily chores, cooking, sometimes family, and all the rest. A lot of people have felt overwhelmed by this.

To make working from home a positive situation, we've found that you have to separate the work. And in order to build some mental barriers, creating space that's specifically for "work," really helps. And if you live with family, putting a sign on the door that says, "Work in Progress," (funny, right?) or "Do Not Disturb" can be a playful way to tell your fam when you're NOT available.


So when it comes time to setting up your home space, it's best to make it user friendly and comfortable. Make it comfortable. We've got more suggestions for how to do that here, and we want to give you some insights on standing desks!

Sitting all day is tiring, bad for you, and can be pretty boring. Studies have shown that using a standing desk stimulates blood flow and makes you better able to concentrate.


A lot of people have shown that sitting is not great for you and as a culture, we've found that standing and using standing desks makes working a lot easier!

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Did you know that you burn 2x the calories standing than sitting!

So how do you shop for a standing desk? You can buy a standing desk that is a full desk that goes up and down, OR you can buy a standing desk converter that goes on top of your current desk, converting your present desk into a standing desk.

What Should I buy?



We recommend buying a standing desk converter if you are remote (WFH status) only once in a while or for short stints of time. If there is any uncertainty in how long you will be working from home, then it's probably best not to splurge on the full out-right standing desk, which comes at a heavier price tag. So if you're dipping just a toe in the water, it's best to get a standing desk converter. Listed below is the best standing desk converter and a runner-up of good quality with a bit more surface area. At the bottom of this article we also include the best outright standing desk on the market.

Best Standing Desk Converter: Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior

The Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior is a great standing desk converter. We like it for the sleek and easy to install design. It's compact, simple and not over done. It fits almost all desks and the sliders are great to adjust for any height. With its design it is the most modular and adjustable for you. So if you use it and then some one else uses the desk, it's super easy to adjust. And for a converter this is great and nice for this purpose.

Here is the link to buy - BUY ON AMAZON

The Versa Standing Desk Converter is one of the earliest models for standing desk converters, and the one that you'll see most in offices. The reason it is very popular is that it fits multiple monitors and gives you a lot of space to work with. It can changes the elevation pretty easily. The reason  the Versa Standing Desk Converter is second for us is that it is large, heavy, and needs a lot more space. Most apartments probably can't accommodate this so easily. So if you have the room this one is nice, particularly if you know you'll need a second monitor.

Here is the link to buy - BUY ON AMAZON

There are some really crappy standing desks out there, that require a lot of effort to bring them up and down. We actually don't recommend buying a standing desk that requires a lot of effort to move up and down. Instead we recommend just installing a wall mount shelf or just getting a Standing Desk Converter (either the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo or the Versa Standing Desk Converter).


However, if you are like us and you'd rather just get the best and have the final steps towards a home desk all set up, then it's best to spend the extra $250 and get the Jarvis Standing Desk. This desk has a great design, you easily fit 3 monitors if you needed. It goes up and down at the push of a button, and besides functionality it has a sleek design that makes you feel good about the work you'r doing. We've found it's nice to have the thrills of the standing desk without all the extra bulk of the standing desk converters. The Jarvis Standing Desk sets itself apart with it's eco-friendly bamboo top and perfect design. Can you tell which one we like the best 🙂

Here is the link to buy - BUY ON AMAZON

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Closing Remarks

If you are like us and think that working from home and more remote offices are the way things are going then it's a probably a good investment to get a full-out right standing desk. Plus, the Jarvis Standing Desk is amazing! Go for it, now is always the best time to get things done.

Getting a home office set up right is key to making it an enjoyable experience.