TRavel A lot?

It's Sunday and you're just finishing your laundry and instead of folding it and putting it into your dresser and closet, you're putting it back into your suitcase. You're checking into your flight again, and the routine is becoming normal. Consultants traveling from Monday through Thursday and other frequent flyers know that bringing a few comforts from home to their flight and hotel stay can make all the  difference. Here are our suggestions the frequent flyers club.

Get Solid When Things are Up-in-the-Air

A few products to make you're stay up in the air a little better and more comfortable. See our list of podcast suggestions, audiobook guides, and detailed product reviews.

Best in Tech

Apple Airpods

Apple AirPods are the Best Overall earbud. With a ton of amazing specs, these are great for any commuter!

Kindle Fire - 7 inch

The Kindle Fire is a great tablet e-reader that let's a loved one read all of their favorites on their commute!

Sony NC Headphones

Sony's noise-canceling WH1000XM3 headphones are amazing for any commuter! These headphones combine the best of listening technology!