Our Story

Commuter Labs started as I learned the importance of making my commute more stress-free. Finding subtle or sometimes big ways to make it better was exciting and I could see it affecting my whole day.  I'd come home and tell my family about a podcast I heard or how I used a cool gadget, rather than complaining about my commute.  And then I looked around during my commute and couldn't understand why others didn't want to be happier in their commute.  That's when I decided to start Commuter Labs.

I'm a scientist in real life and simply put, the data actually says that doing things on your commute and being proactive with your time actually makes you happier.  A bit more happiness on a commute can permeate your entire life - brightening relationships, giving you a different outlook, and maybe even inspiring a weekend trip.  I'm excited to share with you all our ideas, suggestions, and the latest news on commuting.

How We Recommend Products

Our product reviews are based on scouring the internet for data, talking to first-hand users of products, and by conducting product testing of our own. We do use affiliate linking to link you directly to the product.

How We recommend books

Books are recommended based on researching a book for it's usefulness on your commute. If it is for work related study then we make sure it is the best possible book for you to achieve your goals. If it is fiction, we read other reviews, speak to readers of the books, and talk to fiction author, T Glen Coughlin, about the quality of the story.

How We recommend audible books

Audible books are recommended not only based on if the book being read was good originally, but also if the audiobook was good. What qualifies a good audiobook is encapsulated in this article. Many of our Audible book recommendations come from T. Glen Coughlin, who commuted into NYC for 18 years from NJ by car. He says if he didn't like an audiobook within the first 30 minutes, "Yeah, I'd turn it off an go to the next one. Life is too short. I only recommend audiobooks that passed my test and captivated my imagination."