A Great Hack for Reading on the Subway – Thumb Book Holder

By: Tom (greater NYC into NYC via train station and subways)

I try to get as much meaningful activity out of my morning commute as possible. The 15 minutes on the train is key for me. That time for reading or listening to a podcast helps me expand my thinking before the work day starts. Plus, 15 minutes every weekday morning is 5.5 hours every month and about 66 hours a year. This is a significant amount of time.

Sometimes I get a seat on the subway, but there are plenty of times that I do not. On the mornings I do not, I find myself repositioning my bag between my feet and holding on as I work at maintaining balance and trying to be polite to the people next to me, while holding a book with one hand.

It's tough to hold the book open. I have found a neat little trick! This allows you to hold a book open without the pages flopping around.

There are a few options out there. Here are two options.

PagePal Page Holder - Handmade Personal Book Assistant - American Walnut (Regular)

Thumb Thing Book Page Holder and Bookmark LARGE (set of 3-assorted colors) - Literary gifts, Book Gadget, Gift for Readers, Reading accessories & Bookworm Book Accessory

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