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10 Ways to Make Your Commute Suck Less

Commuting can be a drag, and very frustrating. We’ve all been there before. Either stuck, tired or late, just bobbing through your commute like a dingy on the Atlantic – not doing anything, but going along with where the tide takes you. Sleeping on the commute is great if you can, but it’s even better to use this time. Data (study here) here actually shows that shows that active and productive commuting can lead to increased happiness and a more vibrant mood. Not an easy thing, first off here’s our suggestions.


  1. Move– if you really hate your commute, and it’s incredibly long, consider it time to move.


  1. Commute with a friend– in this study linked above, people who commute with someone are happier. So…consider going with a ridesharing program.



  1. Write a book –you know that book you always said you were going to write, well now is the time to do it. If you’re a bus, subway, train or plane commuter, take 25 minutes to write 500 words – see our article here.


  1. Listen to audiobooks – this is a great way to get your commute to pass faster. Getting absorbed into an audiobook can really be a difference maker in a commute. You can find yourself in the driveway waiting to finish a chapter – see our article on how one commuter found audiobooks to help their car commuteand then check out our Entertainment section.


  1. Try out some podcasts – listening to podcasts for part of your trip can not only pass the time, but engage you, entertain you, and wake up your brain to up with the latest and best news of the topics you like – see our list of podcasts to get you started.


  1. Create a zen space - Getting the right shoes if you’re walking, seat cushion if you’re driving, or headphones if you’re railing, can be a great way to make sure you’re doing all you can for yourself on your commute. See our favorite NC headphones here.


  1. Lighten your load – Reduce the strain on your shoulders with a lightweight bag and lightweight supplies.


  1. Go green – find some supplies that make you feel good. Here are our favorite itemsto go green and reuse on the commute.


  1. Go to the gym on the way – building a workout into your routine can really help your commute, making you feel refreshed. It can be hard to start but the payoffs can be looking better, feeling better, and being more ready for any challenges that come up during the day.


  1. Wear walking shoes – store your dress shoes in a bag and carry them to work if you walk far. This is a life saving way.


Want to continue to make your commute a little better – here are more reviews and resources for commuters.


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