10 Fun and Interesting Podcasts to Enhance Your Commute 2019 + Forum!


1. The 20 minute feature news story 

Planet Money podcast cover  interesting international stories about the world leaving you wanting to tell your cubicle mate or family member.
Favorite episode: The Bees Go to California

2. Expanding your thinking and motivation

Ted Radio Hour podcasts are inspiring. For the extroverts needing a quick mental boost, check this out.
Favorite episodes: Success, Failure is an Option, A Better You

3. For high-quality science news!

Needless to say, this podcast comes out every Friday! This is not like the science delivered at the last 2 minutes of the world news. Science Friday cites important articles and they also have stories that cover important questions that are gripping the scientific and academic communities.

4. For advice on pivoting or changing careers!

Great for exploring a leap into the next phase of your career! The host gives great pointed advice from the guests that he has on the show.
Favorite episode: Redesigning Your goals with Krishella Hardson-Hurley

5. A poetic and inspiring set of podcasts with meaningful content!

Stories on This American Life capture cultural values across different parts of America. The different episodes cover current events to a person’s life story. The stories usually have a certain type of “twist” on them as well.
Favorite Episodes: No coincidence, no story; In Defense of Ignorance

6. For the business owner or person trying to start a business!

For any one working at exploring their potential resources for increasing their income, this is THE podcast. Side Hustle School is awesome and I highly recommend it for inspiration and ideas.
Favorite episode: really depends on what you are into

7. For the Spanish Language learner!

DuoLingo is a great app for learning languages, and now they have a podcast to go along with it! Currently, they only offer a podcast for English speakers learning Spanish! It’s awesome and the stories are interesting and can improve the range of your Spanish.

8. This show is a creative person’s inspiration!

Tim Ferris is willing to try anything. He believes in making mistakes and has explored the structure of the business world in which we live and by doing so has expanded people’s creativity to how they approach work. He is the author of four hour work week and has done a great service with this show at exploring a wide-range of concepts!

9. For those who love politics!

Pod Save America is your podcast. This group of reporters and hosts are so clever and witty. They get to the heart of what’s gripping American politics and continue to explore its joke potential with great insights, guests, and stories.

Image result for freakonomics radio

10. Great for those curious about everything!

This is a great podcast for interviews with really intriguing content to expand your mind and ways of thinking! Should offer a nice way to round off a week of commuting!

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