10 Best Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds For Your Workday, Commute, and Workout

Music is life, for many people. It's like coffee. It smoothens ruffled feathers, grumpy countenance and wakes up tired bones. What better way to start your day than listening to your favourite songs blare through your Bluetooth headphone?

Having a noise-free commute, where you can catch up with work, listen to podcasts or even enjoy your workout routines, starts your day on the right foot. This noise cancellation, Bluetooth operated technology is becoming more popular and advanced by the day. Manufacturers are constantly tweaking their products by adding more user-friendly features and refining speaker technology.

There are now basically two kinds of Bluetooth headphones; wireless and true wireless. Although battery powered and not physically connected to your phone or music player, wireless headphones still have a cord connecting both earbuds. Truly wireless on the other hand has no cord or bands between the buds, so you can be truly free.

So here are 10 best truly wireless earbuds or Bluetooth earbuds reviews

1. Optoma NuForce BE Free5 - See it

This truly wireless headphone has a wonderfully polished designed, it is a comfortable fit, with great sound and isolation. Frequency response is 20:20,000Hz. Battery life is 4.5 hours. You can get this device for about $100. NuForce BE Free5 wireless earbuds has got great sound and it's perfect for listening to podcasts.

2. Apple Airpods - See it

Apple Airpods has undeniably popularized the true wireless template we enjoy today. It's got 5 hours Dynamic battery life, charging time of 20 hours, pairs quick and easily with good sound. One problem keeping this from being number 1 is that Airpods rarely work with other devices that are not iPhones, and of course they are quite expensive as many other devices like this offer greater benefits for lesser amounts.

3. RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earbuds - See it

Closed Acoustic design, 13g in weight, has a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz. It's got sensitivity dynamic, 5hours Battery life, 20 hours charging case, and a wireless range of 10m. Excellent build quality, fingerprint magnet, mushy buttons, balanced detailed sound, and reliable connection. RHA has shown remarkable development and research from their first true wireless headphone, TrueConnect. It has set a great standard for true wireless headphones by ensuring that their product was a combination of excellent sound quality, battery strength and convenience in the use of the device.

4. Jabra Elite 65t - See it

Apart from being a magnificent piece of work, the extra features that come with this headphone has made it a darling in the world of true wireless earbuds. The Jabra allows you to tailor your sound with an app, and has an ambient noise mode that helps with situational awareness. The Jabra has got a closed acoustic design, battery life of 2.5hours, charging case of 25 hours and 8cm wireless range.

5. Jabra Elite Sport - See it

This true wireless is perfect for workouts. Its customized earphones allow you to mould them around your ears, sitting them comfortably but firmly while you do rigorous exercises. Closed Acoustic design, frequency response of 20-20,00Hz, battery strength of 4.5 hours and charging case of 13.5 hours. It's got great sport features, excellent sound quality with fitness tracking, great isolation, but the custom fit may not be up some people's alley. On the right earpiece, there's a heart rate sensor that monitors your exertion level as you carry out rigorous training like running or other kinds of exercises.

6. Sony WF-SP700N - See it

This true wireless Noise Cancelling earbuds has a closed acoustic design, frequency response of 20-20,000Hz, battery life of 4.5 hours and charging case of 13.5 hours. It fits comfortably, offer sweat resistance, but noise cancellation may still need refining as well as the clarity.

7. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless - See it

Closed acoustic design, frequency response of 5-21,000Hz, battery life of 4 hours and charging case of 12 hours. It comes with a stylish design, strong full range sound, and two full charges on the case. What really catches the eyes with Sennheiser is the sleek, gorgeous package that houses a high-fidelity audio. The touch base controls ensure you don't have to reach for your phone when you need to skip a track or pause. The sound volume for some reason is imprecise and the device is quite expensive.

8. Sony WF-1000X - See it

If you are strictly after noise cancellation, this one is a winner. Has a closed acoustic design, frequency response of 20-20,000Hz, battery life of 3 hours with charging case of 6 hours and a wireless range of 30ft. It's pretty impressive. It's a little bulky and has no volume controls on the earbuds, but its rich full sound, excellent noise cancellation makes up for any inconvenience.

9. B&O Beoplay E8 - See it

This wireless Earphones provide such beautiful sounds. Closed acoustic design, 13g in weight,20Weight, 20-20000Hz frequency response, battery life is 4 hours with a charging case of 8 hours and a wireless range of a 100ft. Impressive isn't it? While noise cancellation is not on the table with this one, you can expect long lasting battery life of 4 hours, crisp, clear sounds that can be made even more exciting with Beoplay apps on Android and iOS. The Beo is actually quite pricey, could be a somewhat too snug, but it's stylish design, rich sound and battery strength makes it perfect for workouts and commute.

10. JLab JBuds Air - See it

Finally, a true wireless headphone that's very affordable. The major attraction of this device is that it is quite cheap, as it comes with a price ranging from $49-$50. However, there are lots of issues you might not want to overlook, like the fact that you can only receive calls through the right earbud, it's bulky, the fit, sound and battery are okay not great, but again it's very cheap compared to other true wireless earbuds out there. JLab JBuds Air comes with an app that makes it work surprisingly well, its connectivity is good and merely looking at it, you wouldn't be able to tell how far cheaper it is from other models.

Final Thoughts.

Well, that's it. Truly wireless headphones are gaining more grounds in the tech market. Lots of people want to be able to do their thing without having to fiddle with their phones or losing connection or having the outside world intrude on their space while the music is pumping into their system. However, truly wireless still has a long way to go in terms of battery strength and finicky connections, this is why some people would rather use wired earbuds than these.

How truly wireless works.

You may wonder how truly wireless works, especially as there are no bands or cables connecting the earbuds. All truly wireless headphones work with Bluetooth, the buds would first of all, connect to each other and then one of them would connect to the main device. Audio data is relayed from the device to the main ear bud and then transferred to the second, this makes connections a little spotty and unreliable. Sometimes while watching a video you might notice that the sound doesn't quite match what they are saying in the video, but this glitch isn't noticeable while listening to music or podcasts. This is why Manufacturers keep tweaking, upgrading and updating their devices, to suit their customers’ needs, perhaps one day soon enough we would have a truly wireless headphones that can do as well or better than wired earbuds.

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