10 Best Essential Items for Your Biking Commute

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

There are so many bikes available. There are many options for road bikes, or bikes designed comfort, or lightweight ones, etc. For the everyday commuter and the weekend leisure rider, we follow Wire Cutter's recommendation here, and the best bike is the Schwinn Discover.

The #1 thing is safety and ease!

Check out our #1 suggested bike, helmet, and more!

Basket, rack, or pannier: Getting your bag off your shoulders or back is not a must, but it is a real difference maker and stress reducer for those with bad backs. The Schwinn Discover we recommend above, comes with a rack, but if you already have a bike and want to outfit it with a pannier we recommend the picks that Wire Cutter has, check them out here.

Fenders: If you're bike doesn't already come with fenders, it's definitely necessary to buy a pair for your front and back tires so your tires don't kick up mud. Reviewed highly here are some great, reliable ones for a great price - Fenders - See on Amazon.

Helmet: A real no brainer. Reviewing a lot of what's available, here is a low, medium, and high-priced helmet. For low-priced and good quality we recommend going with the Schwinn Thrasher Helmet - See on Amazon. Giro Register Helmet (see it on Amazon) has higher comfort ratings, larger vents, and no tail on the bike helmet, which may snag on the pavement in the even of a crash.

Schwinn Thrasher Helmet
Giro Regiester Helmet

Lock: Kryptonite locks are the best locks. They are reliable, and are reviewed as the hardest and most difficult to break. The best one for commuters is the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 (see it on Amazon). With a cable and lock, this lock is our favorite.

Mirror: These mirrors fit into your handle bars and are our favorites for seeing the road behind you, Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror - See it on Amazon. If you don't have the ability to attach right to the end of your handle bar, then here is the best mirror to attached to your helmet, EVT Safe Zone Bike Helmet Mirror - See it on Amazon.

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror
EVT Safe Zone Bike Helmet Mirror

Lights: The best lights are LEDs with high lumen ratings. Most commuters use 150 to 300 Lumen rated lights. For reference mountain bikers typically use 1000 lumen rate lights and cars use about 6,000 rated lights. So it's important to go for higher ratings, but these are more expensive. Here are 300 lumen rated lights Light & Motion Urban 350 - See it on Amazon and 900 lumen rated lights Light & Motion Urban 900 - See it on Amazon.

Horn and/or Bell: It's not essential to have a horn and a bell, but they are nice to have to signal to cars or pedestrians, respectively. Here is our top-rated horn TopTrek Bicycle Bell 120db - See it on Amazon and a bell for a great price and reliable sound to get pedestrians to notice you on friendly paths, Aluminum Bike Bell - See it On Amazon.

TopTrek Bicycle Bell 120 decibels

For reassurance, multi-tool: Here is the best multi-tool available, Crankbrothers M19 Bicycle Multi-Tool - See it on Amazon. In addition, we like the ProTool version of the CO2 cartridge and inflator to throw in your bag to avoid a flat. Here is a link to a inflator: Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator (See it on Amazon), and a cartridge sold separately, 16g Threaded Bike CO2 Cartridges - See on Amazon.

Crankbrothers Multi-Tool - Steel Bike Tool, Torx, Hex and Chain Tool Compatible (M19, M17, M10, M5)
ProTool Bike Tool CO2 Inflator with cartridge.


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